Saturday, May 1, 2010

2 more weeks to final exam

Yup. 2 more weeks = 14 days = 335 hours to final examination.

I started to tremble...

14 days to revise on the 4 core subjects.

1. Language Description (grammar)
- easy? never! explanation is required. tired of it!

2. Language Development (writing)
- comprehension : i am weak at understanding.
- summary: i am long winded as seen from my blogging, how to summarise?
- guided and free writing: poor at writing...
three hours of writing on this paper. tired of writing.
from now onwards, practice writing for 3hrs every day XD

3. English Studies (literature)
- unseen poem ( i am modern girl, hard to understand ancient English >.<)
- 8 short stories, 2 novels, Merchant of Venice ( so much to write, so much to study...) do i have the sufficient time for it?

4. Social Studies (general knowledge)
- this is killing me! every thing will come out... scope is wide. i left 14days to cover up 730days subject studies.
can i cope with it? quite... Impossible...

Final exam to decide whether i am eligible to further my degree in the United Kingdom.

2 years foundation courses is all assessed in this one goal final examination.

60% based on coursework
40% based on final examination.

Am i eligible? God knows...

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