Thursday, May 6, 2010

Overnight in the meeting hall

It has been a long time i didnt overnight in the meeting hall. The serving sisters did not come to KB or i was occupied with activities in the weekend.

It was a comfortable meeting hall with air-conditioned bedroom for us to stay. I enjoyed the stay not merely because of the comfortable condition but also the indwelling spirit within the saints. It is in a harmonious to be with the brothers and sisters. The presence of God is felt. There is no argument, no misunderstanding but the coordination together with The spirit.

I really enjoyed the church life in Kota Bharu. Just a glimpse, i have been here almost two years. It is coming to an end. I still have two times of stay in the meeting hall. It will be memorable.

the USM sisters and I in the meeting hall.

May the spirit of God be with our spirit.

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