Wednesday, January 28, 2009

happy moo moo year~

moo moo year finally came~ i will be drawing nearer to 20s... yeepee~

first time back hometown to celebrate cny. i have 8days for moo moo year.. not bad o.

1st day of cny is relative visitation. my uncle's house. still remember when they newly moved to oug, my 1st niece still a baby, but now...

the first niece become a 6yrs old pretty girl. the second niece also 4yrs old this year...

besides, i watched 家有喜事 & underworld 3 during this cny. both movie is totally different. one is comedy and another is vampires with lycans... can go for it...

today is my 1st time to go 1U. just 1 day i had explore the whole 1U including old wing and new wing.

lunch at tgi fridays. i feel so so only.. still prefer chillies.

get snap while waiting food.

my tiny dessert - country tropica. few spoon settled.

after that hunt for my stoking. quite hard to look for those fashionable stuff at 1U compare to times square. finally got it... yeah... dont know where to go anymore...

thirsty... lets have a tea at 龙的传人。 need to take number and wait... have the style like chillies at klcc. but the food is definitely fantastic.

just feel want to drink chinese tea then go for it. RM 2 we had 3 cups refillable tea.

上海包很好吃,不记得全名了。一进去就点。真的很好吃哦,第一口汤水就溢进嘴了,第一口还未做好准备,一些汤水还流到碟上了。里面的肉也很赞,味道很够,就算是皮也不马虎,不太厚也不太薄,刚刚好,很合口味。也许是太好吃了,大家都忘了拍照。 就下一道食物补回吧!

海带子拉面,里面除了海带子也有肥瘦叉烧以及一些蔬菜。单单喝汤已经很入味了。share share eat also very full o. scrumptious cny meal~ satisfied meal at 龙的传人。yeah~

very full... lets have a walk at the rainforest at 1U.

the concreate bridge at top floor.

enjoy chinese new year everyone~

Sunday, January 25, 2009

sweet hometown

i was arrived at kl on friday, 5.30am.

my classmate take bus came kl too. we had a 1 day spent at kl.

early bird hatched the worm but we chose not to get the worm. but sleep for a while in the morning until lunch to have a wiser decision - hatched the ampang yong tau fu. although it is not the best among the 3 yong tau fu, but it is the only shop opened and tong like it.

just to share the photo captured part. we had dinner at gasoline, times square.

my classmate, tong and night shift tour guide, kai jun.

i also loitered at pavilion and found ALI shirt. such a great surprise for me as i never notice ALI can be found at kl. i have one ALI t-shirt which is bought by my classmate from perak. i was trying on a huge sweater which is bought by another fellow and i bought an ALI cap.

cool man~


Friday, January 16, 2009

Door knocking at Kota Bharu

today we have the Lord's table meeting with the 4 months trainees. after a short rest, we started to have corporate prayer for the gospel work at kota bharu.

kelantan is an islamic state. Praise the Lord for His economy, the golden lampstand of God has established at this good land.

this afternoon, we went to door knocking to spread out the gospel. we are sharing the mystery of human life.

Genesis chapter 1 verse 26a
And God said, Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.

dear friends. do you notice the "Us", "Our" is capital letter?
it is God who created us to have God's image and likeness.
we are so different from all the other living creatures! because we have God's image and likeness.

God created human with 3 parts.
the 3 parts are body, soul and spirit!

body is the outermost part. when people hit you, you will feel pain.
soul is our mind(think what to do), emotion(love, hatred..) and will(decision).

the innermost part of human is the spirit!

God created us differ from other animals because we have spirit to contact God.

God want to enter into our spirit to become our life.

the way is so simply....

call on His name, Lord Jesus~ He will dwell into your spirit~

there are few friends are open to the gospel. they are willing to call Lord Jesus~ a auntie that i visited before also willing to listen to our sharings~

it is so wonderful and satisfied in my spirit.

although today is my only free day of the day, 1 week only 1 day rest, tomorrow will be having class replacement, but i spent on the work of God. it will never be a waste.

Jesus love you ...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

4 months trainees

Praise the Lord for His economy~

today the 4 months trainees are coming to Kota Bharu to preach the gospel. Hallelujah~

4 months trainees are mainly the brothers and sisters who completed their SPM and join this training for 4 months. they will read 10 chapters in the bible everyday. they will go door knocking to disciple the nation into salvation.

Matthew chapter 28 verse 19
Go therefore and disciple all the nations, baptising them into the name of the Father and of the son and of the Holy spirit.

the Lord charges us to go! to disciple all the nations. to spread the gospel. this gospel is the proclamation of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery. many of my friends, relatives and many people still dont know about it...

Romans chapter 16 verse 25
Now to Him who is able to establish you according to my gospel, that is, the proclamation of the Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which has been kept in silence in the times of the ages.

just went to the english group meeting. but most of us share in malay. we talked mandarin too. its really enjoyable to share the word of God. its also glad to see the 4 months trainees together.

i knew most of the trainess. such a long time didnt see the sisters who are 1 yr younger than me. its rejoiceful in the body of Christ. a sister even came to hug me before she going to chinese group meeting...

Thank you Lord for preserving us in your One body...

Monday, January 12, 2009

New intake for KPLI students

KPLI - Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah

for those who obtained their degree and wish to be government teacher can apply for this KPLI course. you will get about RM 1k allowance every month and this course is only for 1 yr before you posted to school.

this year KPLI intake for my campus has 5 chinese which is 3 males and 2 females. i met them after i finished my last lecturer today. it is better if compared to my july 2007 intake which only had 3 chinese, 1 boy and 2 girls. 3 of them are in the MARJON which included me.

i chatted for about 30 mins with the 2 girls. they are having accommodation problems. no individual bed and force to share 1 bed with 2 people or more. the loo inside the room cannot be used. as a new comer, they are having the difficulty to locate the loo... besides, they need to rent a house nearby the campus within 4 days & travel to and fro for lectures... no internet connection... have to imitate me to buy a celcom broadband which cost few hundred ringgit and monthly charges... 1 week of sleepless orientation week... and the most glorious thing----- the rare species in the campus ^^

every cloud has a silver lining....

they are so glad to meet me...


Sunday, January 11, 2009

















她從來都不知道,這個世界上根本沒有可以讓她哭的 ,



她會看著你轉身,然後她跟著你轉身,當側身而過的 候,




如果你喜歡她,請你去聽聽她內心的聲音,那是呐喊着你 請擁抱她。



不要用沈默宣戰,不要互不相讓,更不要什么話都不说 就冷漠離去。


請給她一個擁抱,用你的擁抱去化解她心裏的悲傷與 角的淚水。

請記住,相愛的人不要輕易宣戰,因爲冷戰帶來的傷 ,
沒有什么是你接受不了的,只要你喜歡她,就喜歡她的 一切一切。


2nd semester to be MARJON student

MARJON is stand for the University of Plymouth, St. Mark and St. John. it is situated at the southeast part of the United Kingdom.

im only the foundation student of that university who undergo the 2 years foundation at teacher training institute at kota bharu, kelantan.

14 july 2007 i started my 1st semester. as Charles Darwin stated

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

thanks God i adapt to the changes to live at outskirt. moving from a cosmopolitan as a city girl to be at a state which stated membangun bersama islam...

thanks God for the golden lampstand established at kota bharu, shining as the luminaries in the crooked and perverted age. still remember vividly in the last semester i suffered from food poisoning until an extent to be warded in the hospital. i missed out an important evaluation from kayaking because of the food in cafe that caused me to suffer from 11 times diarrhoea and few times of vomitting.

apart from the never-ending assignments, group work, individual work, presentations and outdoor activities... i had finally accomplished my mission in the 1st semester... grown to be a stronger girl...

2nd semester has begun....

back the old life that i had adapted. just continue to live out this type of life. everything is still the same. the most enjoyable time is be with the saints, to be preserve in the church life especially during the weekend. the Lord's presence is with me... He is so intimate in my spirit...

the 1st week i only had 3 group works to be done. im still manage to join the blending conference at sungai petani. really enlighten by the testimony of Jesus~

praise the Lord and now.. im waiting for the cny to be back home...

22 jan... im waiting for you...