Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3 in 1 Blog

Hi dearest blog, I am here again =)

Due to my time procrastination, I will update my 3 days life in 1 single blog :p

This week I only have classes on Thursday & Friday, which is tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I was lazy around, relax at home, went to the gym and bought some groceries that cost me up to 61.36 pounds. I totally forgotten that I have a test next Monday, I need to study!!!

Today was a cheesecake & delivery day. Lol.

When preparing for the breakfast this morning, the hob was not functioning. Same goes to the whole student village, we can't cook for the day. It was caused by a gas leakage and the workers were repairing it.

Thanks for the cheesecake from CY & Tan in the morning :)
It was full of cheese and I felt extremely full with a small bite on it :p

This is the cheesecake. cute?
It gave me an imagination on the Disneyland.
Like the titbits in "Alice in the wonderland".
Is it edible? XD

Early in the morning, with our pyjamas and this adorable cheese cake :p
Are we hiding under the table to steal this cake? XD

In the afternoon, we cooked porridge with the rice cooker. Hob still cannot be used. So, we decided to order Chinese delivery~
Yeah~ It is fast and yummy~
It delivered within 30mins and it tastes good. I am so full until now. Need to drink 2 tiny bottles of yogurt to digest better :p

Roasted duck with sprout.

Chef's special chow mien.
The noodles is hiding beneath the chicken fillet and char siew. There are also prawn, mushroom and carrot inside.
Thumb up~
4.70 pounds only :)

The end of day.
Hope I can sleep tonight despite of the noise from the room upstairs T.T

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Woah Woah Woah!!!! It's weekend~~~

Sorry for abandoning "My Lifetime Stories" blog again...

I promise I will update the pieces of my life that missing here =)

After my 14 days of vacation, I left 7 days to catch up with my assignments which submitted on the new semester.

Hooray~ all the burdens had released~ Two assignments had been submitted and my life is back to normal again :p

Saturday was my relaxing day at home. Cleaned up the dirty kitchen (my initial plan once i moved in this house) I feel satisfy though at the same day, the kitchen was back to its dirty condition :p

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!! It's the Lord's day~

Eunice and I went to the Lord's table meeting at Abbotkerswell. We took a train of 36 mins from Plymouth to Newton Abott.

The train was delayed for 10minutes. I had a coffee to awake my Sunday morning. To kill the boredom of waiting, I played with the smile shutter on my Sony camera. It was fun... The smile only can be detected when I showed my extra white teeth. It's a very exaggerated and a fake smile. hahaha... (ignore my messy hair, strong wind blowing outside the train :p)

This is the main focus - Mocha from the "Pumpkin Cafe"
It costs me 2.09 pounds but it is full of chocolate + coffee taste & sweetness.
Finally I drank a sweet coffee in UK =)

When we reached Newton Abbot train station, Betty and the saints were waiting for us in the car. Thank you so much for picking us :)

I enjoyed the meeting a lot. I enjoyed the sharing of the brothers and sisters. It gave me a clearer vision of the Lord's economy! Spontaneously, I also shared a point together with Eunice. Our human spirit is filled with the Spirit of God =)

After that we travelled back to Plymouth city centre. We chatted, listened to songs and looked at the view outside the window. Suddenly Eunice hold my hand and shouted "white ostrich!" I was shocked by her unexpected movement. Is it really a white ostrich? I just 'google' about it, there is no such animal call 'white ostrich' XD

It was drizzling when we arrived at city centre. The first thing we did was heading to the Buffet City~ Tan and CY were fulfilling their stomach while waiting for us :p

This is the place =)

1st round

2nd round + sour & spicy soup

3rd round

chocolate fountain + chocolate spoon

corn soup for the 1st round

chocolate mash mallow

fruits & salad = last round =)

My tummy was full~

Under the rain, we collected our membership card from the Plymouth Royal Theatre. Bought some groceries and back home. As I thought, we would't have our dinner. Out of a sudden, Eunice cooked herbal chicken soup ^^

Her style of cooking, the soup was ready in a short time. Cy came to my room and had a chat while drinking the soup. She said the soup need to be cooked longer... Coincidentally, I found the chicken meat was raw. I could see the blood inside the meat :p

She cooked another round and gave me the software to trim the video. Finally I could upload the video at Scotland.

Dong~ Dong~ Dong~ 12 am... Cinderella need to leave. Adieu~