Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TESL Tea Garden Party

With a bloated stomach, I am here to declare that the TESL Tea Garden Party is coming to an end.

With a payment as much as RM 2, I had tasted barbecue chicken, hot dog, burger, fried meehun, fried rice, coleslaw, variety of fruits and drinks. I am so full... Long waiting is not wasted :p

The purpose of this TESL Tea Garden Party is as a farewell for the MARJON 2 and Cohort 3 students. Because... we are leaving soon.... adieu....

It was nice talking to the new lecturer, Ms Chong from the same hometown of mine, Old Klang Road in KL ^^

I was also shocked to receive a phone call looking for tutor in Ampang. I posted my resume 2 years ago, yet still have people calling to me.

I was so full and could not sleep. Took my medicine that will cause drowsiness.

Hope my backache will be better...

Hope daddy will walk back as usual people....

Hoping... hoping... into the dream....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Admitted & Discharged

My father operated in Gleneagles Intan Hospital, KL on Thursday, 22 April 2010. One of the most prestigious and high class private hospital in Malaysia.

I took the 3pm flight on 22 April to go back KL. Once i reached KL, i didnt go back home but went to hospital instead. Thanks wee for fetching me to hospital and you got your free satay meal XD.

Thursday night mom and i were in dad's ward, room 772. He looked fine but could not move his leg at all. Dad seemed enjoying his Astro there. We stayed there until 9pm and went for dinner with mom. This time dinner only left mom and i. We did talk a lot and missing the absence of dad. Reached home was totally collapsed on bed with my teddy bear... Zzz...

On the next day, early morning had dim sum with mom and settled parents' income tax at MPAJ. Luckily i was there to assist mom and done it fast. After that i took my renewed IC and a quick lunch with dhh before i proceeded to Gleneagles.

I brought along my laptop and books to dad's ward. However, we were busy watching tv and talking. hehe... i only replied friends on msn and facebook. Thanks for your concern :)

Dad really had a lot of requests but i fulfilled it as filial piety. He wanted apple and i cut for him. Moreover, i cut myself too. Lol...

I left the hospital at 4.20pm and it started to jam.. KL traffic is amazing. Grasp my little time to cut my hair and fetched the maid to my house for cleaning. I was totally exhausted. When mom back from work, i already lying on bed. Mom visited dad with her colleague and fish essence. I was left at home. hehe...

However, i still went out at 8pm. With dhh and fish essence in hand, visited dad again. We took dinner at supper time and lastly only see doctor. I am still having backache and the doctor advised me to have an injection. I directly rejected as i had too many injections in a month. The needle hole is still vividly on my hand. scary...

Friday was fully occupied too.

Saturday... the day i'm going to leave. Had breakfast with mom and sent her to work. I was the driver every time i back home :)

Dad emergency called and we need to rush to hospital. Looking for clutch, wheelchair and walking stick. Everything was in a rush.

Thanks dad's colleagues for visitation - Mr. Foong and Ying Foong. Thanks for your chicken essence and basket of fruits.

I missed out the lunch time while accompanying dad in hospital. Thanks again dhh for coming here. Accompanied dhh to low yat and had lunch at Gasoline BTS. I was so sad to see the cinema but could not watch a film. No time T.T

Another call from dad. He may discharged now. Thanks dhh for willing to fetch dad from hospital back home. Dhh wira is longer and more comfortable for dad. Thank you :)

We took a short dinner as dad was hungry. Straight went to LCCT as i was afraid to miss the flight. Dhh thank you so much for driving my parents back home.

Thousand millions appreciation to you, dhh...

I will repay what i owe dhh when i back in june ^^

Thank you so much.

Promise for dad & dhh: study harder and must pass the finals - not to disappoint my parents & get the reward from dhh :p

Last hope: dad could recover fast and walk like usual people.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My 5yrs passport

Yeah~ I finally got my passport for 5 years. It costs me RM 150 and it's cheaper than others :p

Reason why? student rate ^^ under scholarship of Ministry of Education. Thanks government ^^
happy to get my passport ^^

since when i'm wearing specs?
since these few nights. hehe...

however, alone is lonely..
my roommate was laughing at me when i snap pictures with my first passport...

so, she joined in :p

sharing is caring, that's why we both share one passport :p

it was so funny and i just laugh it loud. hehe...

actually we both have our own passport.
therefore, no longer sharing and no more caring.
i didn't smile that charming anymore...

This is my today :)

Yesterday my beloved roommate created her first blog.
Happy for her and i became the first follower to show my strongest support :p

In her post yesterday...

"P.S:Before I forget, I have to thank my roomie, May May for teaching how to start a blog. Thank you dear for your patience with my silly questions."

You are welcome dear. hehe...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

City Template

I had change my blogspot template into the current city night life for quite some time.

At the first sight i looked at it, i fell in love with it.

I like the city life though people are complaining of its hustle and bustle, pollution, heat, crowded and many more.

But... i still love it, especially its night.

Plainly because... City - Kuala Lumpur is my hometown.

I am born in KL hospital.

I had my education from kindergarten to upper secondary at Ampang & KL.

I was sitting at dad's office in Menara TR observing how the foundation of KLCC being built together with the fountain and playground.

I used to go Sg. Wang when I was 5 years old but Berjaya Times Square & Pavilion, the current hot spots were not even been built.

I had my tuition classes from Form 2 to Form 5 at Kasturi Tuition Centre in Petalling Street.

I had my first free ride on Star Lrt in 1997 when it was just implemented. There were no Putra line nor Monarail.


I have been living in Kuala Lumpur to witness its advancement for almost 20 years...

After Form 5 i was given a chance to further my studies at another state. It was my first time to be away from home. I experienced homesick myself.

I have been traveling from Kelantan, Terengganu, Kuantan, Kedah, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Sarawak and even Thai border. My exposure to this country grows wider as my age is getting older.

Till then, i still prefer my hometown - KL.

A simple reason for it, it gives me the warmth... with my closest parents and all my dearest friends.

KL - my origin - my love.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


1. 莎士比亚说:
   该珍惜的决不放手,分手后不可以做朋友,因为彼此伤害 过!

2. 几米说:
   你也寂寞,世界上每个人都寂寞,只是大家的寂寞都不同 吧。

3. 刘心武说:

4. 亦舒说:
   人们日常所犯最大的错误,是对陌生人太客气,而对亲密 的人太苛刻,

5. 郭敬明说:
   我终于发现自己看人的眼光太过简单,我从来没有去想面 具下面是一张怎样的面容,
   我总是直接把面具当做面孔来对待,却忘记了笑脸面具下 往往都是一张流着泪的脸。

6. 刘心武说:
   如果你付出了真诚,却得不到风度,那只能说明对方的无 知与粗俗!

7. 韩寒说:

8. 安妮宝贝说:

9. 遇见平凡说:

10. 张小娴说:

11. 亦舒说:
    无论怎么样,一个人借故堕落总是不值得原谅的,越是没有人 爱,越要爱自己。

12. 刘心武说:

13. 三毛说:
    如果实在没有,还有自己,好好对待自己,跟自己相处,也是 一个朋友...

14. 雪小禅说:

15. 郭敖说:

16. 三毛说:
    当一个人开口提出要求的时候,他的心里根本预备好了两种 答案。

17. 梓色心晴说:

18. 张爱玲说:

19. 马云说:

20. 饶雪漫说:
    这个世界欺骗了我,我必须给与还击,我不会放掉任何一丁点 儿属于我的幸福,

21. 郭敖说:
    每个人一生之中心里总会藏着一个人,也许这个人永远都不会 知道,
    无论在什么时候,只要被提起,或者轻轻的一碰,就会隐隐作 痛。

22. GARVEN说:
    话是人说的,屁也是人放的,说话和放屁一样,都是一口气而 已。

23. 三毛说:

24. 张小娴说:

25. 人非草木说:

26. 张爱玲说:

熬过了夜,天明亮了; 牺牲了身子,失去了精神。


与您一同分享 :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A day

Let's call it a day. Yeah!

The second day of study after back from Sarawak.

The first period of today was Language Development by Mdm. Faridah with informative teaching and a task to be completed on continuous writing. My group members and I had chose "Corporal punishments in schools", still yet to be accomplished XD

Followed by the oral presentation evaluated by Mr. Nasir.

Language description in the library and my work in that group is done.

The last was reflection meeting on Sarawak trip with our tutor in the afternoon.

I was the head of sponsorship, my main responsibility was to handle the kek lapis business.

It was my virgin business and it was well done (as they said)

From doing poster, catalogue, taking orders, booking to distribution, i had gained valuable experiences and hardship of earning the income of more than RM 500.

Thank you for the co-operation from my classmates. Thousands appreciation~

I realised that i did a mistake and i have learned from it.

Experience is the best teacher.

Today got to know that Miss Wong was hospitalised and suffered from brain cancer. She could not recognise anyone. Before this, she complained headache and showed some symptoms of it. I was so sad to hear about this.

I recalled the departed soul of my only brother and uncle yap.

My brother was a sudden death which i don't know at all. Just a sudden call from dad, he had return to God. I am still hard to accept it.

Until this moment when mentioning about this tragedy, tears are rolling in my eyes.

Our house is renovated...
gor gor, your room is painted in green and your bed is comfortably lay.
but where are you?
can you return to my side?
do you know how much i miss you?
when can we meet again?
i am waiting for that moment to come...

My uncle yap passed away during the Chinese New Year 2010.
On the first day of Chinese New Year, i didn't go to visit him at home but HUKM. He vomited blood but was still energetic. Followed by heart attack and malfunction of organs. I almost going to HUKM every day during the Chinese New Year. On the day he left us, he was lying in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) unconsciously.

Goodbye uncle yap. Goodbye gor gor.
May you rest in peace with God...

Uncle Yap on 21st January 2010.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sarawak Trip

It was my first time to Sarawak, it happened on 29 March 2010 to 3rd April 2010.

Two days before departure, i was suffered from non-stop coughing.

The day before we left, i was fever and lying on the bed from 8pm struggling to sleep. Sadly, i failed... my head was tons heavy and my dream was stressful with complications tying me tight.

On the day to depart, i forced myself to wake up and took the morning shower. I dropped my left-eye contact lens and nearly couldn't find it. Bad starting.

As an obligation, we need to go class at 8am. By the time i reached class, most of us were sick. Many were lying on the floor or collapsing on the table.

Accident occurred, went to class early was nothing happened but surrounded by sick atmosphere.

11am, departed from Kota Bharu. Stopped by the pharmacy to buy Coolair, panadol, all sorts of medicine and also mask.

We were heading to Lost Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). Unexpectedly, most of us can't even stand it. We stopped at Bentong, Pahang. The General Practitioner (GP) in the clinic suggested to go to the General Hospital (GH). Only 6 out of 27 of us were healthy. Most of us were attacked by fever and the highest with 41.2 Degree Celsius, i myself was 38.8 Degree Celsius.

I managed to meet with my beloved parents when we stopped for dinner at Greenwood, Gombak. Thank you so much for your caring, daddy mummy. Love you two~

Reached LCCT in the midnight and checked in at 5.45am. Everyone seems healthier included me XD

This was the first day.

Second day we just went to museums and left early due to the downpour. Not all of us were in the pink of health.

Third day went to school, SK Troah and SMK Kota Damansara. I was still coughing and the activities carried out smoothly.

primary school

secondary school

On the fourth day, we went to Cultural Village only. I like this place the most.

the main buildings with theater.

i like the lighting in the theater.

invited the foreigner to participate the show

hanging bridge in the cultural village

Chinese House




I think it's enough for the Cultural Village.

On the fifth day, we went to Crocodile Farm, Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Dayang Salha Kek Lapis and waterfront.

crocodiles are so scary!!!

10 boxes of kek lapis belong to me. the business i need to deal with
i hate doing business >.< with my name and phone on it...

On the last day, flew back from Kuching International Airport.

Vomited on the flight after eating the Nasi Lemak. It was unbearable. 反胃。

Drank Hot Milo in LCCT and night bus back to Kota Bharu.

Reached hostel at 5.45am, Sunday. Didn't sleep back for the day but busy with the Kek Lapis.

The trip is over.

Goodbye to Sarawak, hope i will be back again. ^^