Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A day

Let's call it a day. Yeah!

The second day of study after back from Sarawak.

The first period of today was Language Development by Mdm. Faridah with informative teaching and a task to be completed on continuous writing. My group members and I had chose "Corporal punishments in schools", still yet to be accomplished XD

Followed by the oral presentation evaluated by Mr. Nasir.

Language description in the library and my work in that group is done.

The last was reflection meeting on Sarawak trip with our tutor in the afternoon.

I was the head of sponsorship, my main responsibility was to handle the kek lapis business.

It was my virgin business and it was well done (as they said)

From doing poster, catalogue, taking orders, booking to distribution, i had gained valuable experiences and hardship of earning the income of more than RM 500.

Thank you for the co-operation from my classmates. Thousands appreciation~

I realised that i did a mistake and i have learned from it.

Experience is the best teacher.

Today got to know that Miss Wong was hospitalised and suffered from brain cancer. She could not recognise anyone. Before this, she complained headache and showed some symptoms of it. I was so sad to hear about this.

I recalled the departed soul of my only brother and uncle yap.

My brother was a sudden death which i don't know at all. Just a sudden call from dad, he had return to God. I am still hard to accept it.

Until this moment when mentioning about this tragedy, tears are rolling in my eyes.

Our house is renovated...
gor gor, your room is painted in green and your bed is comfortably lay.
but where are you?
can you return to my side?
do you know how much i miss you?
when can we meet again?
i am waiting for that moment to come...

My uncle yap passed away during the Chinese New Year 2010.
On the first day of Chinese New Year, i didn't go to visit him at home but HUKM. He vomited blood but was still energetic. Followed by heart attack and malfunction of organs. I almost going to HUKM every day during the Chinese New Year. On the day he left us, he was lying in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) unconsciously.

Goodbye uncle yap. Goodbye gor gor.
May you rest in peace with God...

Uncle Yap on 21st January 2010.

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