Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My 5yrs passport

Yeah~ I finally got my passport for 5 years. It costs me RM 150 and it's cheaper than others :p

Reason why? student rate ^^ under scholarship of Ministry of Education. Thanks government ^^
happy to get my passport ^^

since when i'm wearing specs?
since these few nights. hehe...

however, alone is lonely..
my roommate was laughing at me when i snap pictures with my first passport...

so, she joined in :p

sharing is caring, that's why we both share one passport :p

it was so funny and i just laugh it loud. hehe...

actually we both have our own passport.
therefore, no longer sharing and no more caring.
i didn't smile that charming anymore...

This is my today :)

Yesterday my beloved roommate created her first blog.
Happy for her and i became the first follower to show my strongest support :p

In her post yesterday...

"P.S:Before I forget, I have to thank my roomie, May May for teaching how to start a blog. Thank you dear for your patience with my silly questions."

You are welcome dear. hehe...

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