Monday, April 5, 2010

Sarawak Trip

It was my first time to Sarawak, it happened on 29 March 2010 to 3rd April 2010.

Two days before departure, i was suffered from non-stop coughing.

The day before we left, i was fever and lying on the bed from 8pm struggling to sleep. Sadly, i failed... my head was tons heavy and my dream was stressful with complications tying me tight.

On the day to depart, i forced myself to wake up and took the morning shower. I dropped my left-eye contact lens and nearly couldn't find it. Bad starting.

As an obligation, we need to go class at 8am. By the time i reached class, most of us were sick. Many were lying on the floor or collapsing on the table.

Accident occurred, went to class early was nothing happened but surrounded by sick atmosphere.

11am, departed from Kota Bharu. Stopped by the pharmacy to buy Coolair, panadol, all sorts of medicine and also mask.

We were heading to Lost Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). Unexpectedly, most of us can't even stand it. We stopped at Bentong, Pahang. The General Practitioner (GP) in the clinic suggested to go to the General Hospital (GH). Only 6 out of 27 of us were healthy. Most of us were attacked by fever and the highest with 41.2 Degree Celsius, i myself was 38.8 Degree Celsius.

I managed to meet with my beloved parents when we stopped for dinner at Greenwood, Gombak. Thank you so much for your caring, daddy mummy. Love you two~

Reached LCCT in the midnight and checked in at 5.45am. Everyone seems healthier included me XD

This was the first day.

Second day we just went to museums and left early due to the downpour. Not all of us were in the pink of health.

Third day went to school, SK Troah and SMK Kota Damansara. I was still coughing and the activities carried out smoothly.

primary school

secondary school

On the fourth day, we went to Cultural Village only. I like this place the most.

the main buildings with theater.

i like the lighting in the theater.

invited the foreigner to participate the show

hanging bridge in the cultural village

Chinese House




I think it's enough for the Cultural Village.

On the fifth day, we went to Crocodile Farm, Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Dayang Salha Kek Lapis and waterfront.

crocodiles are so scary!!!

10 boxes of kek lapis belong to me. the business i need to deal with
i hate doing business >.< with my name and phone on it...

On the last day, flew back from Kuching International Airport.

Vomited on the flight after eating the Nasi Lemak. It was unbearable. 反胃。

Drank Hot Milo in LCCT and night bus back to Kota Bharu.

Reached hostel at 5.45am, Sunday. Didn't sleep back for the day but busy with the Kek Lapis.

The trip is over.

Goodbye to Sarawak, hope i will be back again. ^^

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