Friday, March 26, 2010

Back to the Lord

I have been away from the Lord for some time, away from the church life, away from the members of Christ. I really felt that my life is in vanity...

Now back to KB, back to the local church life, back to the word of God, I'm captured by the Lord again.

I attended the video training these two days, entered into the message on "Crystallization Study of the Gospel of God in Romans".

In the first message, i enjoyed the opening words.

"If we all would give Him our openness and our obedience, surely the Lord will by His grace have a free way within us to move, advance, gain around, bless and spread."

"God's will is the source of everything."
"Nothing is more formidable than a resolution made by God in a council of the Godhead according to His purpose, His heart's desire, and His will."

The high peal of the divine revelation - that in Christ God became man in order that in Christ man might become God in life, in nature, in constitution, in appearance, and in expression but not in the Godhead nor as an object of worship.

"God being a God of purpose, having a will of His own pleasure; His creating all things for His will so that He might fulfill His purpose."

I'm reminded that I'm not a product of random, aimless, biochemical interactions. I'm a vessel chosen and foreknown by God in eternity past and created in time that my life on earth can contribute to the fulfillment of God's will and purpose.

"We were living a life without meaning, and we had no goal and no purpose, but now we have been redeemed by the precious blood of Christ. We no longer have a vain manner of life. We have goal to our life, which is to live a holy life for the church life. Our goal is to live a life separated unto God and saturated with God so that we can be built up with God to be the Body of Christ expressed as the local churches."

Time is a bridge; time is for the process, but all of us are eternal beings because we have been born of God and possess the eternal, indestructible life of God. We will live eternally in the consummation and fulfillment of God's good pleasure. This eternal plan was made in Christ, with Christ, through Christ and for Christ according to God's desire and pleasure, because God's desire and pleasure are in His Son.

"Lord Jesus, i cannot live without You.
I need You, Lord. I am forever dependent upon You."

Selected from:
"The Ministry of the Word - Crystallization study of the Gospel of God in Romans"

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