Saturday, March 6, 2010


Every essay has a topic.
Every conversation has a topic too.

Recently, i had become the topic of others.

Firstly i knew was in a skype chatroom.

One morning, a dude pop up in my msn.
started with "congratz"
"congrats of what" i replied.
He continued the conversation and pasted some prove from the skype chatroom.
They were talking about me and him...
"she looks cute"
"20 years old only"

Secondly was when i were talking with someone on the phone, another side were calling on my name.
Why talking about me again?

Thirdly these group of people were out for discussion. Again my matter appeared and my stuff were answered by someone else.
Talking about me again?

This afternoon one of these from the group added me in facebook. Am i become known to them? Although i never see them before... just appear virtually on the internet.

What can i do?
Nothing... just let the time goes by and i as the topic will be outdated and vanished...

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