Tuesday, March 2, 2010

School experience

Today was the 3rd day of SE (School Experience). Finally i have the time to blogging.

The first day we were late due to the bus. Four of us (Nadiah, Husna, Mages and I = 1 Malaysia) are at the same school, SMK Tanjong Mas. It is a unique school with special education.

First day we attended the school assembly and met the only Chinese teacher who carry out her practicum at this school. She graduated from UM and studied at OPSI. There is only one Chinese permanent teacher at this school, Madam Tee who teach History. The students at this school are all Malays.

After the assembly we introduced ourselves to the headmaster, Tuan Haji Che Jusoh. I noticed that all the headmasters of this school are Haji. Then we proceed to the Senior Assistant of Administration. He directed us to our mentor in the Self Learning Access Centre (SAL). This is where the place we sit. The first day had nothing much to do and bored...

Second day we started to snap pictures as needed in the portfolio. We also observed the class in SAL. The last hour we even entered a Form One class to teach summary. After that we visited Fandi in the hospital. He had appendix operation which is same with me 3 years ago. I only reached hostel around 5pm and collapsed on the bed until 7pm awake by my roommate. It was so tiring...

Today was the third day. Husna and I went to the ICT room. It was the same as my secondary school, including the laboratories, sewing room, cooking room and even the name of the hall is the same. But my school hall in SMK Taman Tasik, Dewan Ibnu Khaldun is more advance.

Basically the life in school is not busy. We just busy filling up our field note book and visit the canteen. Took two meals in the canteen today. It cost me more than RM 10 for two meals. But thanks Pn Azizah who treated our brunch because we had continue her class yesterday.

2pm we attended the meeting at Bilik Gerakan. It was so hot and i keep sweating. Actually the days in school i'm sweating all the day. Luckily i didnt dozed off.

3.30pm go back~ fetched by Mak Cik Jah that cost RM 2.

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