Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Class Today

This morning was the same as all the other days. I was unwilling to wake up. Once i switch on my Nokia phone, i received my English Studies lecturer's sms.

Morning, i wont enter the class, sore throat and on mc.

WooHoo~ No class. I forwarded the message to other classmates, as a duty of a subject coordinator. A funny sms was replied by my male classmate.

Ok. Hope you will get well soon.

Lol. He thought I'm the lecturer. By the way, I slept back. Zzz... due to the sickness and the effect of taking the wrong medicine.

9.48pm, i awake by another male classmate sms.

Moral 10.45am?
Yea (i replied)

Finally i woke up. Woke up at this time gave me the Chinese New Year feel as i can wake up anytime i want. Went to the cafe with Betaz and took my breakfast + lunch at 10.30am.
Recently i only took 2 meals a day...

Entered into a moral class but the lecturer was having meeting and couldn't enter. Furthermore, the Moral assignment i was rushing will only submit on Saturday (replacement class)
Wow... I have no class today :)

Straight go the library and followed by Tong. He was following me to the library since he had nothing to do. After i had renewed my book, we sat there to read newspaper until 12.30pm. In fact, we were talking more than reading the newspaper. In addition, i told him, dont sit so near, later kena tangkap. He add in, we are non, dont worry. Haha. But i still sit on another sofa and away from him.

We had a lot to talk about. From people to religion and the planning for our 4 months holiday. He think of going to Kl to work. However, he also thought that he has to stay with his family as there will be 3 years oversea couldn't with our closest kin.

He still prefer to experience the fast pace with the dog race and paper chase lifestyle in KL.
Some more my house has extra rooms. He think of rent a room in my house. haha. 50 bucks?
This have to to seek the permission from my parents first. He even think of we seek for the same job to strengthen the rapport. Funny...

Anyway, a relaxing chat really soothes my mind.

I'm still having flu and slightly cough.

Now just waiting for the sisters to come and we will go for dinner together.

I'll will be meeting my old friends, Yee Hua later. happy happy...
Since N years we didnt meet.

May the Lord be with our spirit :)

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