Saturday, February 6, 2010

Counting down for Chinese New Year holiday

Wahahaha... the counting down clock is on now~

3 more days. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.... Thurdays 3pm flight, i'm flying off~

Hooray~ cant wait for the day to come. During these 3days, hope everything are in peace. nothing happen.. so that i can go back peacefully and safely and happily XD

Yesterday my parents were calling. They told me how is the house renovation, the new furniture. I just can't imagine how is my house transforming now. miss home desperately ><

Another thing my dad fool around with me. He asked me to book the skybus to come back from lcct to kl central. However, he is on leave on the day i back... which means he is not going to fetch me back... then who is going to fetch me back? wuwuwu..

3 more days.. here i come :)

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