Tuesday, February 23, 2010

running nose

I'm having running nose now. Yea, means my nose fluid is running down. Today has entered into the third day of flu ><

Yesterday i had a post out in facebook.

May Chung
this morning i woke up with a stain of blood on my lips, i drank water with the taste of blood. i removed the blood stain with my hand and it left with a slit of blood. keep sneezing from yesterday morning until this moment. stomach is not feeling well. may i know why is this happening?

It was terrible when i woke up in the morning. blood on my lips. cant think of why. vampire kissed me while i was sleeping? or i knocked something else and caused it bleeding?

Until today I'm still having non-stop sneezing. Took the medicine yesterday night but it was ineffective. My nose is blocked and i could only breathe through my mouth.

Everyone is urging me to see doctor. If it become worser, i will consider to go to the clinic tomorrow.

Sobbing while rushing for my Moral assignment - Meta Ethical Theories.

All the best.
Sickness shoo shoo!

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