Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stay Focus

Do you think it's easy to stay focus?

When you are doing assignment, can you be focus and not doing anything else?
Not logging to Facebook, not listening to music, no chatting, just fully concentrate on the assignment?

When you are working..
Can you focus on the work assigned and not doing anything else?
No chatting online, no touching on the Facebook, no walking around, no munching food or drinking coffee?

When you are lying on bed at night...
Could you close your eyes.. Not thinking of anything or recalling any single thing happened on the day, but just to stay calm and sleep?

Hmm.. It seems not easy for me. I always diverted by something else. The moment I could stay focus is fairly short. If the deadline of an assignment is approaching, I would be more nervous and pushing myself to finish the work fast.

Is it a good sign? Or a bad habit? Or just common to everyone?

Some people could multi-task. They could do work at a time while chatting, listening to music and Facebook-ing. I could say myself multi-task too. I always do many things at a same time.

A solid example is that I like to eat my meal while watching drama. Lol. Multi-tasking? It could be bad for digestion, but this is the way I enjoy eating alone ^^

I would like to say that staying focus yielded a more fruitful production.
Multi-tasking could do many things at the same time, but it might not produce the best work among all.

So, I'm trying to stay focus & finish my work fast. Deadline is 3 days later..
The entrance of Hades MIGHT be drawing near... creepy...

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