Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

Reunion dinner on 13th February 2010

Reunion dinner together with uncle Choy, auntie and three cousins. scrumptious dishes. shark fins and all the banquet dishes. yummy :)

Before the reunion dinner, my family and i were busy for house renovation.
The first day i reached home, i not even have a bed to sleep. i was sleeping on the sofa T.T
The second day, pull out my bed and slept alone in the living room. the lovely mosquitoes kissed me.
The third day was 年三十晚。 Before the reunion dinner, i went to watch Tiger WooHoo. As a local production, it was a good movie with happiness, tears and the tradition lion dance, 舞虎。

The first day of the Chinese New Year was also Valentine Day, surely i didn't celebrate Valentine. It was a Sunday morning, Kai Jun wanted to go to church and he came to the church in Pandan Indah together with me. We were enjoying the Lord in the Lord's table meeting.

After the meeting he asked for yam cha. we called april out :)
We had 4 drinks: Peach Tea, Jasmine Tea, Columbia Coffee and Sky juice.
Ate the fried abalone mushroom that only available at Coffee House, Pandan Indah.
We had a nice chat and pretended to celebrate the Valentine day, triangular love. (jk jk!) XD


However, the first day of Chinese New Year we didn't visit any relative's house. However, we visited uncle Yap at HUKM. He vomitted blood and hospitalised. His condition became worser until it triggered of the heart attack and the malfunction of his internal organs. We visited him every day in the hospital until one day, he was lying on bed unconsciously.

On the fourth day of Chinese New Year, he passed away T.T

With the absence of my brother, i felt Chinese New Year was silent. Now, uncle left me again. The places i went to eat with him became memorable. The agony of pain is greatly felt.

Today is 22/2/2010, i'm rushing for my assignments.

Chinese New Year 2010 is from a flow of happiness to sadness.

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