Sunday, April 25, 2010

Admitted & Discharged

My father operated in Gleneagles Intan Hospital, KL on Thursday, 22 April 2010. One of the most prestigious and high class private hospital in Malaysia.

I took the 3pm flight on 22 April to go back KL. Once i reached KL, i didnt go back home but went to hospital instead. Thanks wee for fetching me to hospital and you got your free satay meal XD.

Thursday night mom and i were in dad's ward, room 772. He looked fine but could not move his leg at all. Dad seemed enjoying his Astro there. We stayed there until 9pm and went for dinner with mom. This time dinner only left mom and i. We did talk a lot and missing the absence of dad. Reached home was totally collapsed on bed with my teddy bear... Zzz...

On the next day, early morning had dim sum with mom and settled parents' income tax at MPAJ. Luckily i was there to assist mom and done it fast. After that i took my renewed IC and a quick lunch with dhh before i proceeded to Gleneagles.

I brought along my laptop and books to dad's ward. However, we were busy watching tv and talking. hehe... i only replied friends on msn and facebook. Thanks for your concern :)

Dad really had a lot of requests but i fulfilled it as filial piety. He wanted apple and i cut for him. Moreover, i cut myself too. Lol...

I left the hospital at 4.20pm and it started to jam.. KL traffic is amazing. Grasp my little time to cut my hair and fetched the maid to my house for cleaning. I was totally exhausted. When mom back from work, i already lying on bed. Mom visited dad with her colleague and fish essence. I was left at home. hehe...

However, i still went out at 8pm. With dhh and fish essence in hand, visited dad again. We took dinner at supper time and lastly only see doctor. I am still having backache and the doctor advised me to have an injection. I directly rejected as i had too many injections in a month. The needle hole is still vividly on my hand. scary...

Friday was fully occupied too.

Saturday... the day i'm going to leave. Had breakfast with mom and sent her to work. I was the driver every time i back home :)

Dad emergency called and we need to rush to hospital. Looking for clutch, wheelchair and walking stick. Everything was in a rush.

Thanks dad's colleagues for visitation - Mr. Foong and Ying Foong. Thanks for your chicken essence and basket of fruits.

I missed out the lunch time while accompanying dad in hospital. Thanks again dhh for coming here. Accompanied dhh to low yat and had lunch at Gasoline BTS. I was so sad to see the cinema but could not watch a film. No time T.T

Another call from dad. He may discharged now. Thanks dhh for willing to fetch dad from hospital back home. Dhh wira is longer and more comfortable for dad. Thank you :)

We took a short dinner as dad was hungry. Straight went to LCCT as i was afraid to miss the flight. Dhh thank you so much for driving my parents back home.

Thousand millions appreciation to you, dhh...

I will repay what i owe dhh when i back in june ^^

Thank you so much.

Promise for dad & dhh: study harder and must pass the finals - not to disappoint my parents & get the reward from dhh :p

Last hope: dad could recover fast and walk like usual people.

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