Wednesday, January 28, 2009

happy moo moo year~

moo moo year finally came~ i will be drawing nearer to 20s... yeepee~

first time back hometown to celebrate cny. i have 8days for moo moo year.. not bad o.

1st day of cny is relative visitation. my uncle's house. still remember when they newly moved to oug, my 1st niece still a baby, but now...

the first niece become a 6yrs old pretty girl. the second niece also 4yrs old this year...

besides, i watched 家有喜事 & underworld 3 during this cny. both movie is totally different. one is comedy and another is vampires with lycans... can go for it...

today is my 1st time to go 1U. just 1 day i had explore the whole 1U including old wing and new wing.

lunch at tgi fridays. i feel so so only.. still prefer chillies.

get snap while waiting food.

my tiny dessert - country tropica. few spoon settled.

after that hunt for my stoking. quite hard to look for those fashionable stuff at 1U compare to times square. finally got it... yeah... dont know where to go anymore...

thirsty... lets have a tea at 龙的传人。 need to take number and wait... have the style like chillies at klcc. but the food is definitely fantastic.

just feel want to drink chinese tea then go for it. RM 2 we had 3 cups refillable tea.

上海包很好吃,不记得全名了。一进去就点。真的很好吃哦,第一口汤水就溢进嘴了,第一口还未做好准备,一些汤水还流到碟上了。里面的肉也很赞,味道很够,就算是皮也不马虎,不太厚也不太薄,刚刚好,很合口味。也许是太好吃了,大家都忘了拍照。 就下一道食物补回吧!

海带子拉面,里面除了海带子也有肥瘦叉烧以及一些蔬菜。单单喝汤已经很入味了。share share eat also very full o. scrumptious cny meal~ satisfied meal at 龙的传人。yeah~

very full... lets have a walk at the rainforest at 1U.

the concreate bridge at top floor.

enjoy chinese new year everyone~

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