Sunday, January 25, 2009

sweet hometown

i was arrived at kl on friday, 5.30am.

my classmate take bus came kl too. we had a 1 day spent at kl.

early bird hatched the worm but we chose not to get the worm. but sleep for a while in the morning until lunch to have a wiser decision - hatched the ampang yong tau fu. although it is not the best among the 3 yong tau fu, but it is the only shop opened and tong like it.

just to share the photo captured part. we had dinner at gasoline, times square.

my classmate, tong and night shift tour guide, kai jun.

i also loitered at pavilion and found ALI shirt. such a great surprise for me as i never notice ALI can be found at kl. i have one ALI t-shirt which is bought by my classmate from perak. i was trying on a huge sweater which is bought by another fellow and i bought an ALI cap.

cool man~


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