Friday, January 16, 2009

Door knocking at Kota Bharu

today we have the Lord's table meeting with the 4 months trainees. after a short rest, we started to have corporate prayer for the gospel work at kota bharu.

kelantan is an islamic state. Praise the Lord for His economy, the golden lampstand of God has established at this good land.

this afternoon, we went to door knocking to spread out the gospel. we are sharing the mystery of human life.

Genesis chapter 1 verse 26a
And God said, Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.

dear friends. do you notice the "Us", "Our" is capital letter?
it is God who created us to have God's image and likeness.
we are so different from all the other living creatures! because we have God's image and likeness.

God created human with 3 parts.
the 3 parts are body, soul and spirit!

body is the outermost part. when people hit you, you will feel pain.
soul is our mind(think what to do), emotion(love, hatred..) and will(decision).

the innermost part of human is the spirit!

God created us differ from other animals because we have spirit to contact God.

God want to enter into our spirit to become our life.

the way is so simply....

call on His name, Lord Jesus~ He will dwell into your spirit~

there are few friends are open to the gospel. they are willing to call Lord Jesus~ a auntie that i visited before also willing to listen to our sharings~

it is so wonderful and satisfied in my spirit.

although today is my only free day of the day, 1 week only 1 day rest, tomorrow will be having class replacement, but i spent on the work of God. it will never be a waste.

Jesus love you ...

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