Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3 more days to final exam.

Yeap... I want to pronounce that i have THREE more days to exam. I can tell you honestly that i have not do the fullest preparation for it.

On the negative side, I feel stress, nervous and fear of exam. A positive stress push me to study harder and smarter to pass the exam. However, nervous and fear are the negative feelings for me towards exam. I need to try my very best and pray to the dearest Lord to eradicate all the negative feelings towards exam. God listens to our prayer and dwell in our spirit, listen to Him and I am sure the negatives will gone.

On the positive side, i feel glad and happy that the final exam is finally come. Two years of challenging foundation and the adaptation to a foreign land is coming to an end. Just a pass on the four core subjects, i can go to the dreamed land of United Kingdom for my three years degree. Isn't it i shall rejoice?

Parents are getting older. My father is going to retire soon. A scholarship fully supported by the government together with a guaranteed and stable job as a government teacher, is a secured future for me and my family.

Three more day effort and preparation to decide my coming three years.

The word 'impossible' is found in the dictionary of fools. (Napoleon)
I am not a fool and I am sure it is not merely possible but it will be done. :)

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