Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekend in baby's house.

Exam is over. First time spending my weekend at a saint's house - Bro. Kooi Lin & Sis. Hui Ying's house. Thanks for accommodating me :)

It is a family with a baby boy, caleb. He is 1yr 6 months old. An extra active and cuttie boy, like to play with him so much. We played hide and seek, rolling ball and ride bicycle. hehe...

He also likes to kacau me. hehe.. While im online in the room, he climbed up the staircase and entered my room.

Lets play webcam :p

he is so happy to see himself on cam :)

you are recorded. he was shocked XD

another morning, he still climbed up the staircase to kacau me. hehe.. we were hot due to the weather, hair tied up and he is wearing sexy sleeveless :p

lets play some effects :p

caleb was asking, what is this? presents for you :p

these are all from up of heaven. finger point up. hehe :p

As shown clearly, it was a happy weekend at home :)

I have a room to stay in, home-cooked food, tv to watch and everything just the same at home. Together with a little baby, my favourite, im rejoice ^^

Staying together with the saints is totally with the presence of God. Morning revival to pursue the Lord and attend the Lord's table meeting in the evening.

Thank You Lord for these :)

The grace of God be with you all :)

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