Sunday, May 2, 2010

Visitation of UK Lecturer

Today is the replacement holiday for Labour day. However, Marjon 2 students are exempted. We need to attend class today.

Initially 9am to be in the class. A door knocking from a classmate at 7.20am, we are required to be in class at 7.45am. Yawning...

I cant see the point to be earlier to class. To clean the room? To chat and walk around?

The United Kingdom ICT lecturer from UCP Marjon only entered our class accompanied by our tutor and lecturer at 9am.

We welcomed him with a presentation slides as an introduction.

He presented the slides on design & technology. A native speaker of the English language indeed speaks the language with his accent. Thanks God, i understand perfectly :p

After that we showed our appreciation to Mr. Stuard Gold by Hindi dance performance and Joget Kelantan.

The session is ending ^^

We had photo session with Mr. Stuard Gold but the photos still yet to be uploaded. stay tune~

Study for exam please..
14days to go....

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