Wednesday, January 6, 2010

holiday is ended

in fact, holiday is ended 1 week ago.
i have started my new semester for one week.

in this post, just briefly write about the memorable period i had before i back to kota bharu.

on the new year eve, 31 december 2009, three of us finally meet up. we are best friends since primary school. now, three of us are studying scattered in malaysia. soon, april is flying of to louisiana, United States. if i pass my final exam, i will continue my 3 year degree in Plymouth, United Kingdom whereas Mei San will finish up her degree in Utar, Kampar. really miss these girls a lot.

april, may & mei san.

we had a lot to talk about. venue is at the old town,ampang water front. this had become our hot spot for yam cha XD
that day was a blissful day for us. as our miss april fetched us all. wow... last time the driver will be either mei san or i, but now, april are fetching us. we were proud of her though she lost her way to my house. lol.

we had few hours to chat at old town till dinner time. i took my dinner with my parents around 9pm. after that, same as last year, i watched fireworks at my house mamak. this time, mr pang sang what brought his girl friend along. sweet couple :)
the food is yuks i heard.

after the fireworks at 12am, we accompanied a friend who had just finished work to have dinner at tsim tung, pandan indah. in fact, the fireworks at A famosa cowboy town is nicer. it was so near and real and beautiful. enjoyed it a lot.
after we had done the meal, it was already 2am...
it was too late for my friend to go back home at gombak.

first time...
a friend overnight at my house.
it was funny though.
i gave him my comfortable bed to sleep on.
however, half way, i felt that it will shock my parents out while there was a guy lying on my bed. though my parents knew him :p
therefore, i text him while i lying on the another room... i got my own bed back XD
so comfortable...
i think i didnt sleep well for the new year night.
parents woke me up for breakfast at 9am (yawning)
i slept back in the afternoon until dinner time...
this was my new year and the time is passing crazily fast...

i couldn't accept the fact that i had to go back to kelantan on the other day...

happy new year 2010 for everyone...

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