Saturday, January 23, 2010

21 Jan 2010

Wow... Such a happy day i had.

I took the 3pm flight and reached lcct at 4pm. Directly got into the skybus which sent me to kl central. The bus was quite packed, i sat beside a guy who is using a apple ipod! Oh Gosh, it was so nice... admiring...
But we didn't talk, he was busy reading his novel and i dozed off... knocked my head on the window. ouch... stupid may ><

About an hour traveling to kl central, i took putra line to masjid jamek. it was so near, just cost me RM 1.30 and another 2 stations to reach my dad office. so happy~

I'm back to kl, a place which belongs to me XD

Since haven't reach 6pm, i went to get my favourite Mc Flurry before dad finished his work :)

eating my orea Mc flurry at dad's office. so enjoyable :p

I met my dad's colleague, Ms. Chong. she said i look prettier. kekekeke...

My dad did not know that we were going to celebrate his birthday. Since i reached home, i become the house driver. hehe. We celebrated dad's birthday together with my uncle, aunt, cousins and nephews. so happy~

daddy birthday cake. my favourite black forest cake. yummy~

daddy cutting his birthday cake :)

cousin samantha distributes the cake for us :)

We finished our celebration about 10.30pm. It was nice chatting with my two cousins and really miss the moment when i was a kid, she brought me to sg. wang shopping :p
Now, i'm already a grown-up girl~

happy happy :)

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