Monday, January 11, 2010

2 Dreams

Recently i had a lot of dreams.

There was a filial dream which i can still remember. It was my uncle's birthday. i was driving to escort them for a banquet at a Chinese restaurant in KL. i remembered clearly that i was driving an auto car, it was my first time... stucking in the traffic jam of the city... how to park the car. this was my dream the day before.

Yesterday, i had two dreams.

The first dream occurred in 1Utama. i think is because of a friend went there last Sunday and i had been there quite a number of times during my semester break. i met with a couple there and together with me is him. we had dinner together at the Rainforest with the couple's parents. after the meal, he got to go for a meeting and asked me to wait for him until the meeting ends, he will fetch me back. in fact, the couple who are staying at Cheras area are convenient to fetch me back. i was waiting for him alone. at the dark and isolated Rainforest until the midnight. he still haven't come out from the meeting. the atmosphere is scary and dangerous. when i woke up, i was lying on my own bed at home. luckily, i was back home safelt. the couple fetched me back. they were curious whether he was treating me good enough or not... such a weird dream. a 'he' appeared in my dream.

Another dream was when i awaked by the 5am subur prayer (yawn)

It was a drama presentation, i was acting as a minor character with a few dialogues. facing all the audience. with the actors and actresses behind the scene... i recalled the production of "The Merchant of Venice".

Will there be any dream for tonight?

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