Saturday, January 9, 2010

gotong-royong day

Today was a replacement class for the holidays, Chinese New Year holidays perhaps. it was not announced.

Woke up as usual due to the habitual lifestyle here. slept at 10 plus yesterday. such a good girl i am XD

Just a day cleaning up the secretariat, guys were painting the class, having two packets of food... day is gone :)

Back to the room had a two hours nap. so satisfying dating with Mr. Chow in the afternoon.

While sleeping, i was sms-ing with my senior, Su Yong about the flight ticket for Chinese New Year. i will be going back alone on 11 Feb, 3pm and will be taking Skybus back to KL Sentral.

In addition, i received a call from Sam to yam cha. lol
i'm in kelantan my dear... how to yam cha? he said will come to find me. funny guy.
Though, i will visit his house during Chinese New Year to get a big ang pao from his mom. lol.

A day is passing...
Another day is yet to come...

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