Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new semester for 2010

3rd Jan 2010, i had started my new semester at IPGM KKB.
it will also be the last semester for my foundation year in TESL.
this semester i will be facing my final examination to decide whether i can fly to UK for 3 years...

first week of the semester is passed. here goes my weekend.
the days here are a regular life to me.
sleep early, wake up early, attend classes, back to room, do homework, online, going to meeting hall.
daily life are rotating in a circle day by day...
till the day i can go back home.

13days more :)

21st Jan i will be going back home for my beloved father's 58th birthday.
thanks dad for allowing me to take the flight both ways :)

this is absolutely the right place for me to focus on studies.
every day i can read books and do work without any distraction and interruption.
here has nowhere to go and the perfect place for me to relax too.

appreciate the last few months i have in kelantan :)

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