Sunday, December 27, 2009

last weekend

this is the last weekend for my holiday. this is a semester break which lasted for 6 weeks. but i felt it is still too short... just a glimpse of eyes, my holiday is coming to an end. kind of moody here T.T

especially when you give me a hope, but then tell me it is just a dream. how hurt and sad was that...

finally had a dinner together with my parents. but now still waiting for them. my hunger no longer felt. not even have the appetite to eat. moody-ing

by the way, yesterday was a good day. though we didnt make it to swimming due to the events held there, i had a joyful saturday.


after that raining heavily, a friend kept calling to buy movie for us. alright, we got a movie ticket at pavilion, the treasure hunter 刺陵 8.30pm...

that time was only 4.30pm and 4 hours distance in between. go back home then. lol. continue teaching him to play fur elise. haha. not bad, this fellow can learn fast :)

we were late for the movie, it is the first 4 rows. by the way, still can watch it well without any neckache. lol.
when the movie ended, it was already 10.30pm. zzz... my time to bed~

four of us went to pat kin pat sun. stymn asked why not bat kin bat sun? i answered "it sounds like there are many bats over here". lol

this was the second time i came out with his girl friend. when there is a moment where we were left two together, we spoke a lot. lol. she is a kind girl.
nice to meet you & hope you two stay sweet together.
dont be sad anymore ^^

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