Friday, December 25, 2009

holiday is ending soon...

such a sadden news. my 6 weeks is going to be ended. next saturday i'm going back to kelantan again T.T

there is a very true saying in chinese. 快乐不知时日过。快乐的日子真的过得很快,回想过去,真的很不舍得。眼看过去好像刚开始放假而已,还没玩够,还没真正地陪在父母身边。真的很不想离开家友去到遥远的吉兰丹念书,很不愿意,但也在那里渡过了一年半的时间,还有一个学期就大考,就能决定我是否能出国深造。一方面很担心我的大考不及格,另一方面又很不舍得离开这里,去到更遥远的英国3年。。。 回来时一切都已变迁。。。 不敢想象,直到把握现在, 好好地努力,抓紧每个机会,无怨无悔 :)

a summary of my holidays.

22-28 dec
campus training at Kuantan. although it only lasted for 1 week, but it was the most enjoyable period i had. a regular spiritual life with all the words of God and the exercising of our spirit, God-man living, preaching the gospel and so on.
Praise the Lord for His economy!

after the training i was back to the world. busying hanging out and didnt touch my book to do homework or any revision. Oh Lord Jesus, now feel so regret T.T

by the way, i continue my piano lesson and learned some beetoven and richard clayderman songs. holiday is not wasted.

after the STPM examination, my secondary school friends were calling me out. haha. it was great to see them again. a memorable outing to mid valley and took ampang yong tau fu as lunch.

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