Friday, October 1, 2010

Brand New Life in UK

Finally i write about my new life in UK.

I believe procrastinating is the main reason i did not update my blog. I missed out a lot of things to share out...

It has been 2 weeks, 14 days i stayed in UK. I'm adapting well and in fact, i love the life over here.

A comfortable room, a fresh environment, cooling air, fully-equipped facilities, helpful lecturers and all my beloved friends.

It is a relaxing lifestyle over Plymouth, the southeast part of United Kingdom. It is very near to the sea.

I have started my first week of lesson. I'm still relaxing though i have received the first assignment and some homework.

The teaching is very interesting and fun. Lecturers are forever punctual. I was late to class for just 3 minutes, they had started the lesson. Feel so guilty T.T

My second weekend is coming.
Friends had invited me out for car boot sales tomorrow~

Hope i can manage my time well so that i would not do my work last minute....

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