Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekends of Grace

It has been a month i reached UK but this is the first time i met with the saints from Exeter and Paignton (the 2 nearest cities from Pymouth)

It is full of the grace of God & the presence of God ^^

It was the most enjoyable weekend i had in UK ^^

the saints who brought us here to view the magnificent vast se
in Paignton after Lord's table meeting.
a high land with a magnificent sea view...
under the sunlight and strong wind~
Thanks Betty for combining the pics in iphone4 =)


There are two coincidences during my weekend in railway station. It was my first experience to ride on a train in UK and it's quite different from Malaysia. The train is amazingly punctual. Seat are comfortable and the view outside the window is great. Serenity + blue sky~

On the way to Paignton, i met the two Malaysian students who had just arrived that morning. It was happy to see them finally got their visa approved and reached Plymouth safe ^^

Welcome to Plymouth~

Another coincidence was on the way back from train station, I met my classmates, Ada... she was sending her senior back to Ireland. It was quite shocked and yet happy~ We can save cost to share a cab back to Marjon ^^

Thanks God for the arrangement & Looking forward to another weekend~

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