Saturday, October 9, 2010

Relaxing Saturday

Hooray~ Here comes my wonderful weekend.

I have planned my Saturday to be staying indoor, not stepping out from my house.

I forced myself to sleep more and wake up late. I opened my eyes and look at the time, arh.. still early.. sleep again and again.

Finally 10am i climbed up from bed. hehe... i have fully charged after a good night sleep :)

Slowly to start my wonderful day. Play farm ville, harvest -> plow -> plant

My daily routine on farm ^^

I enjoy being a farmer in virtual world :p

12pm... Eunice (my course mate) text me and asked me to watch their musical performance at the dining hall. As a strong support of Malaysian, i hurriedly walked to the destination despite of the strong wind blow.

I admired of their musical spirit. The performance is amazing and i'm proud to be a Malaysian!

There were 3 guitarist and one of them is playing this Yamaha RBX4-A2 Bass Guitar. wow...

I fell in love with this guitar at the first sight.

The drummer and guitarists had a nice chat with me while i was helping them to shift back the instrument back to studio.
They are so cheerful and kind.
They arouse my interest to learn guitar though i gave up a couple of years ago.
Some more i almost seeing dhh playing guitar every day...
My hand also itchy feel like playing.

Indeed, the musical performance today had inspire me to continue my music journey in this foreign land :)

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