Monday, October 11, 2010

First gym attemp

Today is an important day~

The day i submit my first assignment ---- Motivation and Language Learning------

I spent 13 pounds yesterday for a pair of sports attire. It pushed me to exercise!!!

Today i stepped out my first step. After submitting the assignment, i went to the gym. Coincidentally, two of my classmates were there. I joined them for cycling first.

First in the life time, i cycled indoor for 30mins!!! and burned 163 calories of fat!!!
wow.... shocked me too.

Next is treadmill. I do not have much energy to run. Just run for a short while and keep walking fast. 20mins on this machine.

Next is the most tiring....

I have spent more than an hour in the gym and it is exhausting...

It is a nice exercise though i didn't sweat much :p

Now.. at this moment... i am soooooooooo tired T.T

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