Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hi blog~ Nearly two months i didn't touch my blog.

At the moment, i finally have plenty of time to update my blog and sense the freedom i have. Hooray~

I've resigned by giving a 24 hours notice resignation letter. My manager tried to hold me from leaving but i just can't make it. Before i left, i settled all the work and did a proper hand-over. I've gained a valuable experience on working as an OL. Since i will never have the chance to work in office anymore.

Once a teacher, forever a teacher :)

Counting down the days i left in Malaysia before i fly off to United Kingdom. I still have a few things to be done.

- Eye check
- Medicine needed + prescription
- Purchase all the necessities

These are all i can think of. Not to be left are my Penang trip, Singapore trip, Farewell + Birthday Gathering and lastly, Campus Blending.

Looking forward to it.

Should have more update coming in ^^

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