Sunday, June 27, 2010

My private weekend

I'm back to blogging :)

I enjoyed it.

A short update on my recent doing is indeed insufficient. My friends had asked why i didn't update my blog?

Here i come...

This is the second weekend after i start work. I enjoy it very extremely much.

Just because of a simple reason, I have my own private time. I could rest whenever i want, i could hang out with my friends whenever they ask and surely, my precious time with my beloved parents.

There was only one annoyance in this weekend, which is the form needed by the government as part of the process to go United Kingdom.

This form i had filled before but lecturer informed us that there is a blunder in the form. Her words was "there is a blunder in the form we filled. but no point in blaming of each other as you fill it yourself."
First, i didn't blame anyone but may i know what is the blunder actually? I had read through the email for about 5 times and i could not find anything she mentioned about the blunder we did.

I do not know the blunder and facing a high possibilities of repeating it. We requested to fill the form all over again in 3 days time, together with the saksi proven. These 3 days includes, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday i'm working, after work, school closed. Weekend schools are closed, it's quite hard to get the saksi from school. Monday we must post the form to Cyberjaya by courier.

Such a last minute alert with lots of ambiguities. I was totally puzzled. However, i had completed it and hope there will be no blunder.

Other than that, i like my weekend. I accompanied my dad for physiotherapy in Gleneagles Hospital and had a wonderful dinner together with my uncle's family on Saturday.

Just had a short dinner with two dudes. Thanks for inviting me out for a blissful dinner with two cute guys :p

Simply use cute to describe Kent and Thomas. They both with a high inspiration and aspiration to achieve what they aim for their life, in a young age. I look upon to you men~

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