Friday, April 1, 2011

Recent Life

It has been 3 months I didn't update my blog. I feel the time are not flying away but zooming like a rocket... Why is time passing so fast that I can't keep hold on it?

It just an instant feelings for me to update my blog. Too many things happened in these 3 months... The most recent thing was my hospitalisation. It was my first time to be admitted in the UK hospital and I never expect this.. It seems I cant avoid the "curse" of admitting to the hospital annually. lol... In a more humorous way, I have my annual vacation in the hospital =)

A wise use on the Facebook have an enormous positive effect. I hardly post anything on the Facebook but I posted the status about being warded and I received lots of concern and positive feedback. I do not expect anything from them but... Indeed Facebook is drawing us nearer and have a mutual communication in every corner of the world.

I have been repeated telling those who concern about me on my skin condition. I don't mind to write it on my blog again, I can almost memorise the sentence. Now, I want to summarise it in one single sentence, "My skin is allergic to the tea tree oil and it spread to be worst till I had a blood infection to be admitted to the hospital" :p

Now, I'm slowly recovering.. Opps.. I forgot to take my antibiotic again.. Since I'm feeling better, doctor said I can stop it tomorrow. Yeah~

I realised I had been lagging behind on my studies :(
There are lots to do to catch up.
Now, I'm feeling better.. No excuse to leave my work behind.
Let's work it out NOW!!!

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  1. I didn't know you can take antibiotic but not finish its course! =O