Saturday, April 2, 2011

Work or Not Work?

Tonight was the most tiring night I had. Probably because of the work. Actually I didn't promise to work, today just a training for the work.

Initially I did not need to go for the training because of my health condition (just discharged from the hospital), but because of someone ffk.. I had to go just to accompany Eunice. Some more, I don't have a great intention to take up this job... because of... (you will know afterwards :p)

It is a take-away job which I mainly need to receive calls and take order. Also receive the payment in cash or card and give the change. Hmm... This was the first job experience I had in the UK. It didn't give me a very good impression because of the working environment and the attitude of the employees...

I'm really tired now and brain stuck on what to write >.<

I told my dad about this job.. and he gave me a few reasons why not to work.
1. Night time job (5pm - 11.30pm)
2. I'm not desperate need of money (but just to gain exposure)
3. Illegal job (National insurance number is not needed)

Out of the 3 reasons my dad stated, the most concerning me is the illegal job. I don't have much peace taking up this job. My dad even explained that I am the government sponsored student, if anything happened on this illegal job.. Can you think of the consequences?

Yes.. my dad is absolutely right.
So, I decided NOT to take this job =)

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