Sunday, November 8, 2009

smk dabong + gunung stong.

just back from camping again. previous scout camping didnt blog about it also. hehe. i have reasons for it:
(i) connection problem
(ii) time constraint

it is monsoon season at east coast here. can see from the picture. houses were flooded.

even during the scout camping had become inconvenient due to the rain.
however, our next camping still carried on. every lecturers and all our friends and also parents and even we ourselves also felt dangerous to go camping again. but... still go for it.
even the departure day it was raining non stop...

1st two days was school visit. everything going fine. the last day some students cried for our leaving. im still learning to be a teacher and need to be proactive in every activity though it was really exhausted. Add Video
preparing the students for the night performance. i cant dance well, just directing the music aside. hehe. they can dance well also. never underestimate their ability. Carlifornia dreaming was the song XD

i was one of the facilitators in this group, they are presenting their cheer on the stage. they can do it!
English should not be an obstacle for the students in rural area.

we also interview the community there.

pak cik who sell roti canai. he worked in KLIA before. shared a lot of experiences and all our questions were answered perfectly. dont judge the book with its cover. he is knowledgeable.
1 question: is it true that problematic teacher sent to rural school to teach?

after 2days at smk dabong, hiking to Gunung Stong still carried out. Gunung man, dont play play! the day we climbed the mountain it was raining heavily. wearing rain coat and reached the campsite beside the waterfall.

is it far enough? the place we achieved! no current, no water. we got the light source from torchlight or candle. water source from the waterfall. this is how the indigenous lives. i experienced it for 1 night :)
slept in wet tent, freezing and pain all over the body XD
you know how blissful you are to sleep on a comfortable bed?

there are too much to share. i think it's enough for now.
no current in the whole maktab here.
laptop battery gonna finish.
holiday mood~!
cant wait to go back home ><
all the best in stpm~
merry christmas~

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