Monday, November 9, 2009

blogging in class

lolz. too free nothing to do and blog in class.
im such a good girl woke up earlier and came to class punctually.
"happily", morning class canceled. good or bad news? wahahaha.
just online here, until the next class start.

recently is extremely free. after coming back from the camping, totally holiday mood. syllabus finish, all projects, assignments submitted. what to do here? gonna fat mou already. lolz.
let me go back home pls...

however, i found a good book to read, "Watchman Nee, A Seer of the Divine Revelation in the Present Age". it touches a lot of my experiences and i can't stop reading.
available in

i also try to borrow novel to read. to fill my leisure time here.
can't wait to go back home.
the day after tomorrow~!
kl, im coming~

sem break~ my dec in kl... longing it eagerly~~~ long till neck growing longer as a giraffe. lolz.

ciaoz 1st~

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