Monday, October 12, 2009

frozen blog

such a long time didn't blog here, nearly become a frozen blog.
but i myself, everyday go to view others blog XD

how come i didnt write on my own blog?

here i come...

can i make blogging become my habit?
there are so many benefits of blogging.
i most appreciate that we can share our daily experiences and feelings with friends.

today, after i viewed huai huai's blog, was so sad and worried of her. i had the same experience with her before. i hurriedly pick up my phone to call her. i don't know how to comfort her but pray with her. we were so touched. tears were filled in my eyes... i believed her also, just don't hope to see the tears trickling down her gentle cheek.

the power of God and the mutual friendship.
suddenly, i miss all my friends there...

hope they are doing their best preparation in stpm
may the grace of God be with you all =)

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