Monday, April 13, 2009


previously i had read numeral of essay about dream. it is something people aim for. does it fulfilled in real life?

today in class, i had knew a dream of my classmate. i saw her eyes was filled with tears... i was so touched by her...

she performed well in her previous examinations. she is eligible to be a doctor and she did finish her pre-medic at india. it was a perfect route for her to fulfill her dream to be a doctor. but... due to parents' wish, she was here with me. teacher training college, training to become a teacher.

what about her dream to be a teacher? is it sink to the deepest part of the ocean? from her says, she is willing to follow her parents decision...

but... it's your dream... parents? yourself?

molly, i hope you will have a future that you wish. all the best~ i'm proud to be your friend.

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