Saturday, May 23, 2009

mad by neyo

the songs i'm listening and the videl i have watched.

haha. hello sohurtishblogspot~ it has been more than 1 month remain untouchable.

here i come...

previously was fully occupied. after 1 year foundation, i had my first mock exam, which is also the first exam i have ever had in the varsity level.

now,it was over. im heading off to kl~ a place that belongs to me. lets embrace~

packing up is tentatively done. now is sucking blood by mischievous mosquitoes. they like to leave their love signs on my rabbit leg. wahahaha.

tomorrow departure to kl is for the purpose of our class organised education trip.
first night will be watching 'toilet' at klpac.
this is our virgin trip that has undergone all the obstacles and hardship.
turmoil and turbulence ruined our past time.

7am, 24 may 2009... we will be leaving...
the sun is always blinding me (darren hayes) ending...

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