Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2nd semester as MARJON student

MARJON - University of Plymouth, St. Mark and St. John, United kingdom.

beginning 1 month didnt get any assignment. step into the month of brother March, all the assignments from sister Jan and brother Feb are coming...

so far 4 assignments in hand.
organise hockey tournament
social studies presentation
moral presentation
role play
cultural performaces : kungfu dance and dikir barat.

heavy workload is back. water shortage is back.

the sky seems know our burden of work, shedding tears for us every recent days. 
i felt the sky is also type of satire. it's willing to fall the rain on ground but not for our daily usage. 

felt certain instant chatting messenger is not good for use anymore.
it doesnt suit me.
i dont like it.
i dont like someone just walk  in my life and ruin it.
i dont like someone affect the relationship between another one and i.

when will this come to an end?

this is such a wonderful world to live.

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