Sunday, February 15, 2009

happy belated valentine

such a busy valentine day.. not busy for dating, in contrast, no dating at all.

accomplishment on the journal writing has given me a way to blogging here.

this year valentine was a replacement class for the cny holiday. due to the tiredness, drag until 7am only crawl up from bed. started off a fully-occupied day with a exhausted body. classes followed by preparation of forum, practice of choral speaking, meeting with director and.... huh... dusk...

back to the hostel still facing a water shortage. online... saw a lot of "happy valentine day". in fact, valentine is nothing for me. even chatted with a friend, how he celebrate valentine romantically. haha... wish this couple blissful forever. finally back to my bed tiredly...

start a brand new day... slept in assembly and another talk especially for the girls(w_s_a_e). last minute practice for the forum and carried successfully outdoor. the forum members shared their research and commented refer to the text too often. im the modulator carried out the forum very relaxing and manage the situation well. relax is clearly seen from my sitting position :p
sudden black-out in the whole college and water shortage is life and parcel of life.

24 days more for me to be back to the place which belongs to me.

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