Friday, February 6, 2009

CNY at Machang

here comes the 1st weekend after my cny break. we went to a schoolmate's house at Machang. 3 cars from KPLI student joined with my seniors and my chinese classmates, a total 13 students go 拜年~

my gal classmate and i follow 2 KPLI guy's car. when he know my age, he just call me 小妹妹。那我就只好叫他雄哥哥。虽然8年的岁数距离,和他也很健谈。但我们聊天的范围都太成熟化了,并没有哈哈大笑,但也因此而知道他更多。家伟更说很高兴。。。因为认识那么可爱的我。。。 =。=" * he don't know how mature am i....
雄哥哥,chia wai, tong, yaw, boon seang.

we had a scrumptious lunch and steamboat dinner. cannot be described by words, its too delicious. after lunch we had a walk nearby the house. there are durian trees, coconut trees, nangka trees and a herd of cows. a kl girl is having a touch with the mother nature. just appreciate it.

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