Tuesday, February 3, 2009

during and after cny break

during cny i was busy enjoying my wonderful life at kl.
during cny i spent most of my time with my parents at kl.
during cny i slept in the midnight even 4-5am and wake up as the early birds sing.

after the cny i had a black-out in my hostel for more than 24 hours.
after cny im back to the tight study schedule which is from 7.45am until 7pm and night class.
after cny i slept before 12am and wake up at 6.30am.

my life has undergo a dramatic change when i move from kl to kb. in the 1st semester, i never borrow books from library. currently in the 2nd semester, im a regular book borrower every 2 weeks.

today is the tightest class i had. after the sports until 7pm, 8.30pm still have another replacement class. i really feel proud of myself to be so energetic to attend all the classes without yawning.

even in the 1st morning literature class, we did have fun on poems. by paying fullest attention to the class, i really learnt more than usual until an extent to raise up question to enligthen the lecturer.

another lecture we had group discussion and being observed. i enjoy the most in our group discussion which brought up a title "LOVE". We are not focussing on couple love, but look further into love on family, animals, environment and God. we received compliments too. enjoy it~

night class we had a debate. in fact, there is no right or wrong. just make the class in havoc perhaps. btw, everyone of us enjoy it.

dear friends, enjoy your life everyday as our single day is given my the Almighty God. grasp the time and you will never regret.

Jesus love you ~

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