Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First Day at British Primary School

Thornbury Primary School

Miller Way, Estover, Plymouth, Devon, PL6 8UL
Tel: 01752 302600

TYPE: Community school
AGES: 4-11

This is the first British school i stepped in - Thornburry Primary School. It is only 7 mins away from my college. Thanks God for saving up our time in the morning to walk to a stone-thrown distance school. However, i still need to wake up at 6am to get ready >.<

First day to school, i finally felt nervous the few minutes before reaching school. It is winter and a cold morning. My face and hands are freezing when walking to the school... I shall wear more on the next school observation >.<

Because of the school privacy policy and protection on the children, we are not allowed to take photos. Even though, the teacher, Mr. Wallis is kind enough to snap the pictures and promise to email to us ^^

We were divided into an infant department which observed the key stage 1 pupils, between the age of 4 to 6. They are adorable and active. I miss the kindergarten i taught 3 years ago T.T

The classroom are well-decorated, colourful and informative. I like their birthday boards and reward table. They have a corner for the "Star of the Week" to show support to the pupil who put their effort on studies. The classroom climate is positive and motivated. They are encouraged to think instead of spoon-feeding. This is very different from the time i'm teaching or studying in Malaysia.

In a class of 28 pupils, the teacher managed it professionally with the help from a teacher assistant. Although the class is started from 8.55am until 3pm in the late afternoon, all of the sessions are interesting. The pupils will have their brunch before the play time and an hour lunch break.

During the break time, i'm shocked to see how active and playful are the kids. They could running here and there and playing hide and seek. Few teachers were monitoring their movement so that no one will injured.

The class begins punctually with the teacher's presence.

I adored their professionalism and the perfect learning environment.

Coming up next is to write my assignment on it.. Oh No....

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