Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day to Nottingham

Nottingham - a city famed with its Robin Hood legend

I'm sorry because i didn't take many photos at Nottingham, yet i'm not regret.
I found nothing special in Nottingham other than seeing my primary school friend since primary 6.

After a long journey on the bus, i finally reached the University of Nottingham in the early morning.

University of Nottingham - the 75 top ranking university in the world. I'm proud that my friend is studying there. hehe...

Nottingham is colder than Plymouth. It was only 7 degree celcius when i stepped down from the bus. I was freezing and walking to the Sport Centre in a big group of Malaysians. It was very crowded as many of the Malaysians were coming from all the other universities to attend the Nottingham Games.

Unexpectedly, i met sister su hwee in the ladies. I was shocked as well as her. I will never expect that we will meet in Nottingham instead of London. She is studying in Manchester and I'm in Plymouth. Same country but different locations. We are overwhelmed with joy~ We had a big hug in the ladies too :p

Everywhere is congested with people. It was like walking in an over-crowded night market but there was nothing special by the side.

I had shopped around the city centre with Eunice and managed to buy some necessary things for winter. Yet, i'm still searching for my winter boots... I always have a hard time to look for a comfortable shoes which i really like.

Another remarkable incident is that i forgot to bring my purse to Nottingham. lol.
I owed Eunice some money and i had cleared my debts today =)

I couldn't miss the chance to watch the sports competition. It was my first time to watch the live football, volleyball, basketball and badminton match in a day. It was interesting and the spectators were more active than the players. I love the basketball a lot. It refreshed my memories when i was playing basketball in form 2. How i shoot the ball, carry the ball... until once i was hit by a ball from front and it really hurts. Then i stop playing basketball until now... transformed to be the girlish me :p

By the way, i met with my primary school friend at the main entrance of Potland building. He has changed, so do i. Besides growing taller and slimmer, we become good looking. (according to him)

A short conversation with him, i'm surprised that many things have changed. Eight years has gone, we are grown. We have mature thinking and own perception on certain things.
He is a good friend to get along with and really appreciate he divided his time to become our guide. At last, i was quite touched when he rushed to say goodbye before we leave Nottingham.

Thanks dude & hope we will meet again ^^

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