Saturday, December 4, 2010

Samaritan on Saturday

It was a relaxing yet tiring Saturday for me.

The week before I was rushing for assignment and now, I can go out and breathe the air in city~

Got my boots for Scotland which only cost me 17.99 pounds.

We are in a united group which made up of 2 Malays (Farah & Aisyah), 1 Chinese (me) and 1 Indian (Kangga). It was good to out with them ^^

Once we came out from Drake Circus, we saw a old lady stopped by the road under the rain. She looked exhausted and wet under the rain. Kangga approached her and shed her with my umbrella. I have my hood on, no worries of rain.

She is 76-year-old lady. She is shopping alone and walking with a stick. I think back of my dad when I see her walking stick. Dad is still suffering from joint problem. After the operation in April, he is still not recovered. Now, the doctor advised him to have a knee cap replacement. I am very worried. I afraid that my dad could not walk as ordinary people any more. He is an active man who like to travel around. I hope he will come to UK for a stay. I hope we can go to China for family trip.. I hope and hope...

Back to this British lady, she has difficulty in walking. I held her hand tight and walked together with her. We also found a cap for her to get back home.

A Samaritan doings?

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